A Message From Mary Mosier, LMFT

I was drawn to therapy by my innate interest in how our experiences affect our sense of self. I have a passion for helping people to grow and a passion to help others to step out of their pain and into their light. I believe strongly in helping people to learn their value, believe their life is worth living and that they deserve to be loved, despite what they may have been told throughout their life.

I believe that being fully seen and heard with unconditional kindness and acceptance by another human is one of the most healing experiences we can all have. The opportunity to be a safe space, support and witness for my clients has been a blessing and a privilege. I look forward to being that witness for you in realizing who you are.

I’m a Multiracial, bilingual (Spanish/English), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, living with Type 1 Diabetes. I specialize in treating complex trauma and chronic illnesses. I am experienced in working with Latinx and multiethnic individuals, women, youth, LGBTQIA+ populations, individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and/or Neurodivergent individuals, and individuals living with Diabetes and other chronic illnesses. I provide therapy in both English and Español to help children, youth and their families find their voice, heal, and repair relationships. I wholeheartedly believe that as human beings, we require self-love, kindness and acceptance to fully thrive and find healing.

*Hablo español