A Message From Claire Ramirez, LCSW


The unveiling and recognition of dissatisfaction in an area of your life can be a daunting place to find yourself.  From feeling a sense of being lost in your career choice, to feeling empty and disconnected from others, contemplating the idea of divorce, finding yourself repeating unhealthy lifestyle habits or seeking perfection, it can all feel impossible to overcome.  However, the beauty of life is that it is always changing, which means moving toward the direction of experiencing joy and happiness again with your loved ones is not only realistic, but it is possible to achieve.  Although in this moment you may feel alone in life’s challenges, I’m here to reassure and provide you a space of guidance, support, and healing.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I am committed to walking alongside you in this search for clarity in your life.  Therapy is your time, a comfortable, protected space set aside for you to slow down and focus on the things in your life that deserve your undivided attention. My role as your therapist is to help you identify goals and to help you create positive change in your life with compassion and understanding. I view this as a sacred place where you can explore vulnerability without the fear of shame or judgment.  Whether you want to improve the ways in which you manage the stress in your life or desire a deeper understanding of difficult emotions that are impacting your relationship with others, I offer treatment for a variety of concerns relating to anxiety, depression, relationships, identity issues, life transitions, complex trauma, work stress, and adolescent mental health.  My experience ranges from working with families and individuals within the VA Hospital, juvenile corrections, and school based mental health settings.

If you are ready to make a transformative life change, call or email me for a free consultation.  Flexible scheduling times in the evenings as well as weekend appointments are available.